Used Karts and Gear

Yellow Coyote XP chassis with Kart Lift ELECTRIC stand. Also includes MyChron 4 with data key. Spare sprockets included. Asking $2500


#1 Birel with Briggs and Stratton LO206 engine. Looks and runs good.  Comes with Black Streeter stand. Asking $1200 for kart and stand


Craftsman….Like New…..$500.00

Margay chassis with L0206 engine and black kart stand. #23. $2000. Call for pricing on Suits, Neck Braces, and assorted parts. 

Kid Kart #33. $1500

Consignment Red Streeter Kart Stand. Asking $225.00

Seats, Kart Stands, Starters, and other assorted equipment. Call for details and pricing.

Suits, Shoes, Gloves, and other assorted apparel. Call for details and pricing.

Black # 16 Rotax Birel. Asking $2000.00.

Black #99 CRG. Asking $1500.00.

Blue #99 PCR. Asking $1500.00.



Merlin kart, KPV motor.  Box of parts, black stand.  Asking $1700


Biesse Kid Kart.  Comer Engine.  Spare 2 wheels, 4 tires. Black kart stand.  Asking $1500


Birel R31 with Rotax engine.  Asking $2750


Birel CY30 with Rotax engine.  Asking $2500


Seats.  Multiple Brands and  Sizes.  Various Prices.  Come in to test fit.



New karting gear.  Various sizes and colors.  MIR and Birel Racing suits-$100 each;  Z Racing suits-$75 each;  Gloves-$25 (child SM-LG, adult XS-XL); Adult Ribtech-$125 each; Child Ribtech-$50 each; Red Balaclava-$2 each


# 18, Top Kart. Blue frame, blue body work, blue Streeter kart stand. Also a starter. Very Fast   Asking $2500.


Ladder Shelf.   $30


Clear Rain Suit.  Size 36.  $100



Fuel Can holder for trailer.  $60.