We have an unexpected twist to our 26th Halloween Gran Prix.  Matt went for a covid test earlier this week and got results this morning that he tested positive.  While he has no symptoms today, the fact remains he got a positive test.

This means we will be short staff but more importantly we feel we have a moral obligation to do our part in not spreading COVID.  Because this happened with VERY short notice, we see no other solution than cancellation.

Our advice is to wear a mask wherever you go and limit indoor activity as much as possible

2020 championship results

Here are the final results for our season. Each class listed has varying numbers of driver’s depending on the total number of drivers that completed at least half of that classes events.


1st) Josh Bolen

2nd) Logan Polarek

3rd) Joseph Bolen

4th) Justin Bolen

5th) J.D. Wright


1st) Kyle Lohmar

2nd) Logan Lohmar

3rd) Liam Melsa

4th) David Goldman


1st) Mike Gray

2nd) Randy Raridon

3rd) Tom Van Eynde

4th) Bob Kaminski


1st) Peyton Polarek

2nd) Jeremy Mason

3rd) Jake Bolen

4th) Myles James

5th) Logan Nealis

6th) Wyatt Leslie

7th) Luke Wackerlin

8th) Logan Wackerlin

2020 Friday Night and Oval League results

We have completed our 2020 Friday night and Oval league championships for the season. After early season Covid-19 delays, we were able to complete two FNL sessions with a total of 17 events (dropping 2, counting 15 best). The oval league ended with a total of 14 events (dropping 2, counting 12 best).   


1st) Mark Meucci

2nd) Mike Evans

3rd) Mike Freemantle

4th) Larry Drummond


1st) Mike Evans

2nd) Mark Meucci

3rd) Mike Freemantle

4th) Larry Drummond


1st) Mike Evans

2nd) Mike Freemantle

3rd) Mark Meucci

4th) Larry Drummond


1st) Mike Evans

2nd) Eric Hensley

3rd) Mark Meucci

4th) Larry Drummond



We have wet conditions now, with forecast for heavy rain until at least noon.  This will activate a second race on the second rain date.  This means both rain dates are now double events.

Those that pre-registered were NOT processed for charges.  We need to consider banquet planning.  We reserved prior to COVID but what do we think is the smart thing to do now?

JR & SR League finals

Jr and Sr Leagues are finalized for the 2020 season.  The schedule was altered due to COVID but we saw some real competition regardless.  Our 2 eight week sessions were combined for one 12 week session, counting the 10 best for season trophies.  (See FB for pics)

It is now time to consider any changes for the 2021 season.  Jr’s mentioned running under the lights but that would mean a 2+ hour delay from this years schedule.  Do we need a weight min for Jr?(Maybe 130?)    Sr weight, min 180, saw all carry at least 7#, so should we lower to 175?  Do we schedule 3-8 week sessions, like Fridays?  Are the days and times good?

We passed out some trophy hardware during our pizza party at last event end with the following top 3:

JR   1st – Mak Regnerus                            SR   1st – Myles James

       2nd – Luke Norris                                     2nd – Kyle Lohmar

      3rd – Justin Naughton                               3rd – Brady Travis

Elite Karts on Track


Aug. 28th 2020

Elite Karts are 360cc Honda engine karts compared to the 200 and 270 karts that you can arrive and drive.  The Elite Kart also runs on the BIG Track – same as the Point Racers that own their own karts.  You can drive an Elite Kart but only after you have qualified and received permission from the track administrators.  These karts are as fast as the L206 racers even though much heavier and are a real challenge to drive.

LINK: https://concepthaulersmotorspeedway.wordpress.com/2018/01/21/elite-rental-kart-fleet/

Jr High Academy 2020 Final

Wed. Aug. 26th 2020 was the final race of the summer for the Jr High Academy.

View all 65 images at: https://tommuschphotography.com/f953712711