The End Of Friday Night Racing For 2017

As the racing schedule winds to an end, we have been contemplating whether or not to continue racing our Friday Night League later into the year to give you all more racing.   With the sudden change in weather, the time change this coming weekend, and a few other factors, we have decided NOT to continue our Friday night races any longer this season.   Please look for our 2018 schedule and more info to be posted next spring.

We will still be open for public rentals and open practice 7 days a week for 15 minute sessions, as weather permits, until dark.


2017 Halloween Gran Prix

2017 Halloween Gran Prix is here!
Saturday, October 28th
Here is the schedule for the day:
Registration Opens: 7:00 am
Practice for 30 Laps: 8:00 am
30 Lap Drivers Meeting: 9:00 am
Mechanics practice/race: : 11:30 am
Hot dog + coke race: 12:00 pm
Practice for 100 Laps: 1:00 pm
30 Lap Rental Endurance: 1:30 pm
100 Lap Drivers Meeting: 2:00 pm
Bus Stop Kitchen will be here, so bring your appetite!

2017 Halloween Gran Prix


The 23rd Annual Halloween Gran Prix is just around the corner!  Are you signed up yet?

100 lap race for drivers with their own karts!

Mechanics race and a Hot Dog + Coke race!

Don’t have your own kart yet?  That’s ok!  We have a 30 lap endurance race in our Premium rental karts!

Remember, order of registration determines starting order for the races!  Don’t start from the back!  Sign up now!

Call 815-496-2467 or stop in!

Season Champions


We have reached the end of our 2017 racing season.

Congratulations to all our drivers!

Our 2017 Season Champions are…


Kid Kart

1-Joseph Bolen

2-Justin Bolen

3-Dylan Gutierrez

4-Trevin Timmons

5-Evee Saindon

6-Easton Martin

7-Danielle Gutierrez

Lo206 Sportsman

1-Josh Fiene

2-Miles Doherty

3-Joshua Bolen

4-Mary Badgley

5-Austin Pearce

6-Hudson Giannini

LO206 Junior

1-Jacob Bolen

2-Logan Lohmar

3-Kyle Lohmar

4-Colin Ryan

5-Connor Miklos

LO206 Senior

1-Logan Smith

2-Chris Gray

3-Chris Rossiter

4-Cody Jones

5-Jay Badgley

LO206 Master

1-Tom Van Eynde

2-Bob Kaminski

3-Mike Gray

4-Randy Howe

5-Randy Raridon

Points are calculated and posted on the MyLaps Championship page.

Points Race League

1-Eric Hensley

2-Donald Hicks

3-Corey Domenick

4-Chad Clay

Friday Night League

Session 1

1-Corey Domenick

2-James Recendez

3-Tim Scates

4-Mark Meucci

5-Zak Rinker

Session 2

1-Jeff Plane

2-James Recendez

3-Eric Hensley

4-Matt Hill

5-Devin Lamar

Session 3

1-James Recendez

2-Matthew Hartsell

3-Matt Hill

4-Jeff Plane

5-Eric Hensley

Overall Friday Night Champion

1-James Recendez

2-Jeff Plane

3-Matthew Hartsell

4-Matt Hill

5-Eric Hensley

6-Mark Meucci

Oval League

1-Devin Lamar

2-Jeff Plane

3-Eric Hensley

4-Mike Evans

5-Matthew Hartsell

6-Mark Meucci

Endurance Series

1-Jared LaPierre

2-James Recendez

3-Laurynas Brucas

4-Gordon McGrew

5-Jim Evans


Friday Night Racing


The leaves may be changing, the weather may be dropping, and the days may be getting shorter, but THAT CAN’T STOP US FROM RACING!  We will race our Friday Night League style race again this Friday, Oct. 20!  Come race before it gets too cold!!

Drivers meeting at 7pm

$55 entry        $10 insurance (optional)

5 min warm up, 2 6-lap heats, and a 10 lap feature!


Weather update
The track is wet at this time.
Since this is the last race of the season, with no make up scheduled, we would like to make every effort to get this race in.
Looking at the radar, past and future, it does not look encouraging. Forecast shows intermittent rain through at least mid afternoon.
Based on the weather, we believe we need to cancel this event. We will count your best 11 races to determine the championships.