Happy Easter!


Come Hungry!

Just a friendly reminder that The Bar-B-Que Shack by Bus Stop Kitchen is open every day at 2:30pm, and Thursday thru Sunday they open at 11am!  Their made-from-scratch menu is fantastic!  They will be here all summer!


We have a need for a registration person on our points race days.  Raven was committed for the year but has experienced an unexpected change of address.  This untimely move has left her with a drive too long for her liking.  This is a paid position selling wristbands and race entries.  Skills needed are: operating a computer to generate sales receipts, operating a credit card machine, making change, and responsibility for wristbands signing.  Andrea will be able to offer onsite training/assistance for the first hours each raceday.  Call us to discuss this opportunity.

Happy Spring!

1st day of spring

With Spring now here, we are too!  We are now resuming our full-time hours of operation.  We will be open 7 DAYS A WEEK for public rentals and open practice.

Monday – Saturday     10am-Dark                                                                                                   Sunday                          12pm-6pm

We will have limited hours on race days.  See Points Race schedule for specific dates.



Join us on March 28 @ 6PM in the CHMS showroom for a racer meeting.  We intend to answer ALL questions concerning this “first of it’s kind” series where Junior High students will be racing for themselves and their school.  Topics we plan to explain include registration, format, safety, and sportsmanship.  Come and learn about this series for rookies, and even seasoned veterans (if there are any).  This is a value at $150 cost for 5 race events.


Last fall we were asked if we would allow LO206 engines in our kid kart class along with the traditional Comer.  We said we would consider it.  Nothing was brought up about the subject all winter or at the racer meeting.  Our staff has also has not discussed it and we did not open the discussion at the racer meeting either.  Last Sat we had a signup for the year for LO206 kid kart.  Sooooo, we WILL be offering this class.  In order to keep the competition fair, we will have to take a “work in progress” style approach for the weight and gearing.  Keep in mind that while we offer this class as a competition event, it’s primary goal is to teach young drivers how to operate in the racetrack environment.


Well, we have had time, as staff, to digest and agree on the decisions made Sunday.  Thank you to all that came and even bigger thank for some good ideas.


The tentative schedule, along with a number of no-change items were confirmed and will be on the website.  The manner in which we handle rainouts did change.  Oct 6 will be scheduled as our rain date makeup.  That date will NOT be a points race UNLESS we have a rainout during the first 14 races.  If we have 2, or more, then the makeup will be a double race.  In the event of more than 2 rainouts, we will adjust (from 12) the number of races counted for the championship.  Weight was changed in JR206 to 320 (up from 310) since our batch of drivers are getting larger.  SR206 was asked to be reduced to 350 (from 380) but no decision has been made at this point.  Watch for updates.


The tentative schedules for both road course and oval were confirmed.  A driver weight change, from 190 to 200, was suggested and will be confirmed in the early stages of session 1 along with the option of using the Kid Kart track once per session.  We will now have a victory lap for feature winners.  Our season champ will be identified using the best 21 of 24 races this year.  Another choice of changing the podium to picture w/kart has been proposed.  We would like feedback and watch for updates.


With Matt Bartling accepting the tech position, staffing needs are complete at this point.


Since the elite and premium karts will compete on the big track, together but in separate classes, it was suggested we include LO206 as an addition so that will mean 3 classes run together but scored separately.  We have decided that is possible and we will offer that ONLY on races run on the big track.  Watch for a complete schedule and formats.


This has been a fun day for the past two years and we will continue it for 2018.  More details but we will furnish sandwiches and ask for a “dish to pass” from you.  Rentals, race karts, and social life are the ingredients for a fun day.  Mark it down.


We will host a vintage kart race on June 30 sponsored by White Knuckles Scrambles.  See their website for details


We are hosting a “Friday Night League” format for Jr High students.  Look for more details in the future but plan to attend the March 28 meeting for ALL the details.