We will again be hosting a race to honor Matt Bigos and a major portion of the entry money will go to the benefit of his choice.  We were unable to run this event in 2020 due to the pandemic but we are planning to revive our efforts in 2021. Thank you Corey Domenick for leading this effort.   Now for details…………….

WHO’S MATT BIGOS — Matt was an avid kart racer who raced at CHMS and other racetracks in the area and across the nation.  If you competed in HPV during the mid 2000 years, you may have run into him.  His most recent challenge was driving at the Joliet Speedway in a NASCAR experience.

BENEFIT — Matt’s share of the entry fees will go to benefit the Buddy Foundation.  The Buddy Foundation is on a mission to provide immediate safety and care to stray, abused, and abandoned animals.  If you, or someone you know, is interested in having a pet, this is a place you should consider looking.

RACE DETAILS — This will be a 2 hour endurance race with our premium karts.  We are targeting this at a 3 person team but teams can be ANY size.  During the pit stops, you may change drivers and/or get a different kart with a full fuel load.  Karts hold 6 quarts of fuel and burn ~ 1 gal/hr.  Choose your team, your team name, and call to reserve your spot as space will be limited.

  • Date — Sun 16May21
  • 9:00 sign in
  • 9:20 practice sessions for drivers who have signed up for practice
  • 9:45 Drivers meeting
  • 10:00 Green flag
  • 5 mandatory timed pit stops including at least one fuel stop
  • Cost is $300/team pre-register and $350 the week before race
  • Cost includes driver passes, and insurance
  • Practice cost is $20 for a 10 minute session
  • Prizes — Concept Cash commensurate with entries

EVENT 1 is rained out

While it is dry at the moment, as promised, we intend to make the call prior to 8AM and the forecast for the area is moisture from mid morning to mid afternoon. The forecast for overnight called for rain which we did not get but the low seems to be centered west of Topeka and we are on the fringe of movement. See you in two weeks.

Looks like May 15, event 3, will become a double event.

On a side note, we have signed up for the WRS again and will send results for events 3-12 for our 10 scheduled events.

CKNA updates

CKNA will again be hosted by CHMS in early May. COVID caused enough confusion that last year we had to cancel our hosting privilege. Some COVID rules are still with us — Inside buildings are allowed with low occupancy and masks. Because it seems racers do not enjoy waiting in long lines to sign in, we are setting up a special line for those who pre-register OUTSIDE. To be eligible for this speedy line you must call and pre-register for wristbands. You may pay with a credit card when calling or elect to pay cash on arrival but you can NOT use this line for credit card on arrival. Have names for each wristband ready when you call and download our minors release and have filled out to speed the process.


We will be happy to help you with wristband sales @ 815 496 2467. Cost is 35 for 3-day, 25 for 2-day, 15 for 1-day

Pit space is sold on a first come – first serve basis STARTING April 5 (Mon). Please check the map on our website and contact ONLY Matt with your request. We will update the spreadsheet periodically to keep you informed on availability. Cost is 55 for a standard spot w/more for elec, camping & larger spots.

We have used this process to streamline sign in last year and were encouraged by customers to use it more this year.

We have also adopted a WRISTBAND POLICY last year and will continue this year. Basically wristbands MUST be worn on your wrist and everyone in your group must have one. If we find someone in your group that is NOT in compliance, ALL of the group will be DQ from the next competition event. There is “free space” area on the “71 side” of the orange gate for those not wanting to purchase wristbands but NO ACCESS to the parking/pit area until after last kart is off track for the day. PLEASE help to make sure each person is in compliance as nobody enjoys penalties. Liability is much larger than cost in this issue.


We have arrived at the end of 2010 Snell ratings on helmets. Insurance no longer allows helmets with 2010, or older, to be used on the track. This may effect some of you and it has made all our rental helmets uncertifiable. These helmets might still be safer than nothing but they are not allowed on our track. Anyone who would like one, or many, of the 44 we have should give us a call to arrange pickup. We have all sizes.

Once again, this year, we will be accepting used oil and used fuel cans for no charge. All we ask is that you bring them to the shop rather than leaving them with the garbage so we can dispose of them. Used tires are also accepted for a $1.50 fee/tire. As before, violators, when discovered, will be assessed a $20 penalty per item. Our goal is to provide you an outlet for items sometimes not able to be thrown in your home garbage without making our facility messy.

Pre Registration Updates 2021

We have recently posted our 2021 schedules for Junior, Senior and Friday night league. We have done the same for our Saturday Points races as well. You can find all the information including schedule, pricing, age and weight requirements, etc.under the “Leagues” and/or “fees” tabs.

As we previously announced, we will be offering our pre registration program again for the upcoming 2021 season.. Overall, the program worked great last year for our Junior, Senior and Friday Night Leagues as well as for our Saturday points events, so we decided to bring them all back. The benefits were that, upon arrival, drivers and crew could simply provide a few signatures, get their wristbands, and move on to the good stuff, the driving. No Need to come inside the building (Mask Required Indoors) we will bring the paperwork to you..With that being said, if you plan on coming out to do a rental or practice session, don’t forget to check out our NEW RENTAL BUNDLE PACKAGES as well as our NEW WEEKDAY PRACTICE SPECIALS!. Simply call ahead of time to let us know that you are coming and we will have everything ready to go when you get here.


Last year I was asked for a tire contract for the LO206 classes as an option to lease tires for the Points Races. This idea was more well received than I anticipated. Several have asked if it will be available in 2021. We will be offering the same program as before and just, as a refresher, the guidelines are as follows:

  1. Cost is $160 for the base plus $60 for each set desired.  This is a season contract so the number of sets will need to be determined when purchasing. This allows me to guarantee tires are in stock when needed.
  2. Changes are scheduled by the racer and price includes mounting
  3. Contract is per racer NOT a multiple racer group
  4. Tires returned MUST be the same ones issued
  5. Damaged tires beyond “normal” wear will be chargeable
  6. MGRL2 tires —  Any size — 4.60 or 6.00 are available
  7. Serviceable used set must be turned in at the start or end of the year

As always, if this option does not appeal to you, purchase to own is still available as well as rental for just one race which allows racers to legally compete w/o having to buy a set.


This post is intended to explain/understand/discuss our wristband issues after some responses to a previous post.


  • Most tracks do not offer a premises only choice
  • CHMS has, however, negotiated each year with Insurance providers to offer premises
  • Anyone with a premises band has no insurance in the hot grid — AND neither does the track
  • The track has believed in the “family” concept since opening in 1988
  • COVID came along in 2020 and limited group size along w/no spectators in many events
  • CHMS created a FREE spectator area “outside the orange gate”

OUTLOOK — We have spent much time pondering/considering since last post reaction input

  • CHMS believes, under current COVID rules, we can comply w/group size & separation guidelines
  • Crossover, into the hot grid, even one step, creates a Liability issue for both the person AND the track
  • Liability issues can have FAR greater financial consequences than wristband pricing
  • Wristband discipline must be a joint venture with competitors and staff
  • Our current policy to DQ EVERYONE IN THE GROUP for even ONE non-compliance is in effect for 2021
  • CHMS may have to change policies during the season, like 2020, to comply with circumstances

Because of the competitor request, we WILL be offering a premises only wristband choice in 2021. These bands will cost $5 at Pre-registration and $7 at the gate. We can not hire a “policing force”, at that cost, so we are expecting competitors to help us with the enforcement discipline. We will continue to offer FREE space “outside the orange gate” for those not wanting to purchase a wristband. We are hoping to hear from you that this compromise will satisfy those wanting an option.