JR & SR League Proposal for 2021

Because we did not have a racer meeting in Feb, due to COVID, this post is intended to submit our ideas for 2021. We encourage your feedback and ideas before we adopt the final plan. We are suggesting we run BOTH Jr & Sr on thurs eve. We do not think it will lengthen our night much as they use different karts and we can alternate track usage with another class rather than a rest period. Also possibly a family may have a student in both and would reduce trips and schedule commitments. Unless COVID restricts us, we are planning to have the “open gate” property outlook which means ONLY those entering hot grid need wristbands and others would NOT require wristbands to be on property. COVID rules still currently enforce masks inside buildings and social distancing at all times.

JR League proposed guidelines

  • Maximum age is 8th grade 2021 graduate — minimum age 12
  • Run in our original karts
  • Drivers must weigh, or ballast, to 120–(New idea)
  • Drivers meeting 6PM
  • Cost = $45 which includes drivers pass with optional kart insurance for additional $10 (Same as 2020)
  • Format = 5 min warm-up, 2-6 lap heat races, 10 lap feature (Same as 2020)
  • Points for feature only

Sr League proposed guidelines

  • Maximum age is High School 2021 graduate — minimum age 12
  • Run in our premium karts
  • Drivers must weigh, or ballast, to 180
  • Drivers meeting 6PM
  • Cost = $50 which includes drivers pass with optional kart insurance for additional $10 (Same as 2020)
  • Format = 5 min warm-up, 2-6 lap heat races, 10 lap feature (Same as 2020)
  • Points for feature only


  • 16 dates, counting 14 for season awards, honoring class at banquet like FNL & POINTS classes currently
  • DATES – May 6, 13, 20, 27, June 3, 10, 17, 24, July 8, 15, 22, 29, Aug 5, 12, 19, 26

RAINOUT thoughts or possible choices

  1. Makeup on the following event as a double
  2. Schedule July 1 & Sep 2 as rain makeups (used ONLY if previous rainout)
  3. Eliminate any rainouts from points consideration

We would like your thoughts on our ideas. Look for future posts on FNL, pre-registration, tire contracts to name a few.


COVID has changed our country and because of that , in 2020, we were shut down for months and then allowed to open with changing limitations. Because we were limited, some of our guidelines changed such as half-day practice sessions and multiple rental rides and NO spectators. COVID is still a force in our lives but, at the moment, less restrictive than a year ago. Masks ARE required when entering buildings.


We are starting a new price savings for weekdays (Mon-Thurs). Weekend (Fri-Sun) pricing will be $45/driver and $15/crew while weekday (Mon-Thurs) will be $35/driver and $15/crew. ANYONE entering the Hot Grid will be required to have a wristband but those wanting to be on-site to only watch will not need to sign in. Therefore the gates will remain open, except on event days, allowing you to enter and park without stopping.


We will return to offering single rides in either the original karts, for $30 or premium karts for $35. You will need to sign in and purchase a $10 driver pass and $10 kart damage insurance (optional) plus rides cost each day. Since multiple rides were implemented last year, we have noticed some wish to get a discount for that option. We will be offering a “triple ride package” which will offer you FREE drivers pass plus FREE kart damage insurance. Purchasing a triple package, for the same driver, for originals at $90 or premiums at $105 will get you both a FREE drivers pass and FREE kart damage insurance. We will also implement additional cost savings on weekdays (Mon-Thurs) by adding a fourth ride FREE. Those wishing to just watch will be allowed on property, OUTSIDE the Hot Grid, without signing in.

Our open hours will remain 10AM till sunset so come out and enjoy yourselves. Watch for a future post offering pre-registration opportunities for these and competition events. We are developing pre-registration guidelines to allow you to speed up sign-in and reduce your need to enter a building.


At the banquet, there was conversation encouraging more on-track assistance during races.  It was requested that we need more “corner worker” help for racers.  We have been responding on a 4 wheeler to assist those who have made errors.   We were strongly encouraged to increase coverage for the next year.

This has been the source of many hours of conversation and pondering.  Looking at  traveling regional series, they allow no movement of wheeled vehicles on track while the track is “hot”.  They perform pickup help only after the track is not “green”.  Many times drivers are DQ’d if they receive help during a race.  Insurance covers race workers, but nobody wants to place themselves in harms way either.

We certainly want to run a safe event and we also want to offer help to those who are unfortunate enough to need it.  We will be assessing situations carefully and responding with a red flag, stopping the race, until the danger can be corrected, and then restarting.  We currently do that for flips and other things that look like emergencies.  We intend to “lower the bar” on our view of critical issues.  This will be a work in progress and quite probably the subject of conversation in drivers meetings. 

 Stay tuned for future posts on Leagues and other items.


Thank you to the several people who have commented on the last post.  While we can not comply with every request, I believe there were some good ideas for input.  We have come up with the following compromise.

13 Races — Apr 10, 24, May 15, Jun 5, 12, 19, Jul 10, 24, 31, Aug 7, 21, Sep 11, 25 schedule

Day schedule — Races 1-6, 12, 13 (Apr, May, Jun, Sep) with evening schedule Races 7-11 (Jul, Aug)

Rain makeups will be scheduled for Races 3, 6, 12, 13  —  These single events will turn into double events IF there were missed events needing makeup

TODAYS NEW ISSUE  —  There was a unified request, at the banquet,  for using white and checkered flags to end races with less confusion.  Corner lights were seen as good for yellows/reds etc. but white/checkered lights were sometimes missed at the flag stand.  This has been pondered at length and I propose this solution:

1.  Races will be started with green lights (as before) – We can monitor starts much better from scoring deck

2.  Start/Finish for scoring will remain in line with the flag stand

3.  White and Checkered flags will be displayed from scoring deck in addition to lights at flag stand

Stay tuned for other issue discussion in future posts


The input we have received mostly affirms our proposed 13 race season.  Those dates are Apr 10, 24, May 15, Jun 5, 12, 19, Jul 10, 24, 31, Aug 7, 21, Sep 11, 25 with Jun, Jul, Aug dates (Races 4-11) on the evening schedule.


1.  We could schedule 2 more dates (Oct 9, 16) for use IF any events require makeup — Like 2020 schedule

2.  An alternate idea has been proposed — Race 3 would be double IF Race 1 or 2 cancelled and Race 12 & 13 would be double events IF needed.

Please let us know which plan you prefer.  Look for future posts on other issues


This is an attempt to start our 2021 discussions on the future year.  I am looking for your input on both things you want and don’t want.  Issues, other than schedule, will be covered at a later date.

Avoiding holidays, Mothers day, CKNA, and Rt 66 events, we could have the following dates Apr-Oct.  Apr 10, 24, May 15, Jun 5, 12, 19, Jul 10, 24, 31, Aug 7, 21, Sep 11, 25, for 13 dates with possible Oct 9, 16.

Some possible choices for rainouts are:

  1. Schedule all 15 and NOT makeup any rainouts
  2. Schedule 13 with 2 rain dates (only used if rainouts) — Like the 2020 season
  3. Makeup rainouts at next day race (double) — Evening schedules run too late — Used some years ago

What about evening schedules?    (Evening schedules are 4:30 drivers meeting vs 10:30)

1.  Jun, Jul, Aug dates — Used to offset possible hot day temps

I realize there are more things to discuss but let’s solve this issue before we move to more.  You may respond w/email, FB comment, or call my cell.  Thanks for keeping it positive.


COVID has affected our lives in 2020 and it is still a factor in todays world.  Current regulations limit our indoor meetings and would not allow a repeat of our previous format.  Also, we usually have the racer meeting on the Sunday between the Super Bowl and the Daytona 500.  This year those are back to back on Feb 7 & 14.  We could schedule for the Sun before or after which I would probably favor the 21st as it gives more time for COVID vaccinations.  An outdoor meeting may be chilly and not as lucky as the banquet was. 

Should we just publish issues one at a time and have responses on line?  We could publish our ideas on a schedule and give a week for response, for example, and then move to the next issue.  We are expecting your input to help guide our next years planning.


As promised, we are confirming Sat as our banquet day.  Once again, because no wristbands are being required, there will be NO MOTORS allowed.  We plan to open gates at 9AM and serve promptly at 11AM with program after eating.  UNLIKE the political world, we do know who our champions are and will honor them.  Bring your lawn games, chairs, and beverage for before, during, and after.  See you Sat.

There will be NO Friday night league as we had no one show last week and have gotten no calls to date.  We are done for 2020.


Well, the weather looks to be cooperating with our banquet plans for Sat.  Since we are having the celebration at the track, we will have NO MOTORS allowed on Sat.  Join us to celebrate our season performers and enjoy the racing community camaraderie.  Gates will open at 9AM and no wristbands will be required (thus the no motors).  Anyone wishing to practice or rent will need to choose another day.