Racer Meeting Results

First of all, THANK YOU to all who attended.  This was as good conference of ideas and hopefully some fruitful growth for 2017.  Some of the results are:

  1.  Affirm rainout policy of next event is a double event–no triples–3 hr early start if evening event
  2. 2 races will include the interloop as an add–1 day, 1 evening
  3. Raceday schedules will be NO LESS than 1 hour between heat 1, heat 2, feature
  4. Bodywork for LO206 classes may be CIK or “full body” and can be mixed
  5. Seats must be unaltered as manufactured and conform to seatback height and position
  6. Two new junior LO206 classes–Age 7-12 w/green slide @ 265# as well as Age 12-15 w/yellow slide @ 310#
  7. New LO206 Masters class–Age 35+ @ 390#
  8. 14 race (count best 12) season avoiding ALL holidays, mothers day, 206cup races (north, central, grand).  See website but Apr 1, 8, 22, 29, Jun 3, 17, Jul 15, Aug 12, 26, Sep 9, 16, 23, Oct 7, 14.
  9. Yamaha shootout on Apr 29–More details soon
  10. Funday on Sat of memorial day weekend–MARK YOUR CALENDAR– agenda in the works
  11. New concessions person that has a food truck business but will operate from our building serving a variety of food items–menu is being created and will be posted.

Watch for a future post on FNL and endurance enhancements.

RACER MEETING final info

Our meeting is coming soon on Sun@2.  Come and meet Chad, Andrea, and Camdon and help us chart our way for the 2017 season.

We have been asked, in writing, to include considering the 206 Masters class, so please add this to our list of topics to consider posted last week.

Garage renewal letters are late being sent out, but expect yours soon.  If you are interested in on-sight storage, check the website for options.  Pricing will remain the same as 2016.

Certificates, earned or won, at the banquet will expire Mar 15.  Plan to bring your certificate when purchasing your season passes.



Hopefully you have planned to be with us on the 12th @ 2pm.  This is intended to be a list of things we, and others, have thought of to discuss.  Other ideas can be added that day.

RACEDAY……..Affirm — rainout policy, 2 interloop races, 1 hr time separation of heats etc.  Consider bodywork/seats rules, double points event, raceday points league, engine claiming.  Do we split the 206JR class?  Do we plan a memorial day funday?

Schedule…Avoiding holidays, mothers day, Easter, 206Cup central and north, we have 13 events.  Apr 1, 8, 22, 29, Jun 3, 17, Jul 15, 29, Aug 12, 26, Sep 9, 16, 23. If we run on 206Cup north days, we have 4 more on May 20, Jun 10, Jul 8, Aug 5, making 17.  Oct dates?

FNL……..G&I electric sponsor, rainout policy, oval races.  Do we weigh some in the B main?  I am suggesting Concept cash passed out at race 8 of each session with trophies for ALL 3 sessions at banquet.  Also I would like a poster with the 3 sessions leaders AND overall for the year points leaders.

Schedule……Avoiding holidays, mothers day, Easter, we have.  Session 1, Mar 31, Apr 7, 21, 28, May 5, 12, 19, Jun 2, session 2, Jun 9, 16, 23, Jul 7, 14, 21, 28, Aug 4, session 3, Aug 11, 18, 25, Sep 8, 15, 22, 29, Oct 6.

ENDURANCE…..Race formats as previously, dice & coin, backwards, longer team races etc.  NEW IDEAS include schedule, maybe about 10 events, for the entire year (soon as we can verify others schedules), discounted costs for signing up for more events at one time, points for the year with a poster.

See you Sunday to hear your thoughts on these and possibly other ideas.


Come join us for our annual racer meeting on Feb 12 @ 2:00 in the shop.  Bring your ideas to make CHMS better in 2017 and we can discuss them.  FNL and endurance minded people are just as welcome.  We will discuss “rental” kart issues starting @ 2:30 and finish up with whatever is on either list.  I will publish a list of topics prior to the meeting so you can be prepared to bring your best thoughts and ideas.

Mark your calendars.  Plan to come and meet Chad/Andrea.  Let us know if you have ideas that should be included in the posted agenda (some have already done this).  Todays agenda is figuring out who plays in the Super bowl.



We are more than happy to advise you of new track staff.  Please join us in welcoming Chad, Andrea, and Camdon to CHMS.  Chad comes to us with past racing experience both at CHMS and elsewhere.  He has experienced competition with his kart here as well as run our Friday league and also our endurance races so he should be able to relate to you in whatever form of racing you enjoy.  Andrea has past experience operating a bowling facility and I think you will find her able to meet customers and quite easy to communicate with.  Camdon is too young to offer much advice on racing but he enjoys looking at the karts in the showroom.  Come to our winter racer meeting and meet them or call and make arrangements to meet them sooner.

Bill is happy to be returning as GM and is looking to add to your delight when you visit us.

We have 2 Sundays between the Super Bowl and Daytona 500 this year and are leaning toward the 12th to have our winter racer meeting.  Details on the agenda will be posted later, but if you want something mentioned, please let us know.  Come and help guide us to a 2017 season you will enjoy.


We are approaching the colder weather months and as we do, we will not be manning the track full time.  We plan to ALWAYS answer the phone and we WILL make every effort to handle your requests.  The clear message here is CALL before you come.  As the weather is still mild, we will be open this weekend as usual.

Your never too old for a day at the track.

Eric Hensley brought his Father to the track on his 80th birthday to celebrate.  His son also was present which meant that three generations of Hensley’s were on the track at the same time.  Way To Go – Happy Birthday.

Friday Night Leagues

We may have reached the end of the FNL extras last week with a low showing so we will NOT be doing it this Friday.  Maybe the CUBS game had something to do with a low turnout as well.

It’s time to start planning for next year, so here are some thoughts that have been brought up so far:

1.  Do we stay with 3 sessions or make it one season?  Popular is 3 sessions

2.  Friday night oval series?  Popular is yes and every other race.

3.  Rainouts?  Keep the makeup schedule?

4.  Ballast to 190?  Seems OK

5.  I am suggesting passing ALL trophies out at banquet but giving out Concept Cash at the traditional pizza eating at session end.  I would like to create a poster with the three sessions on it and possibly the overall champions for the year.

Let us know what you think, whether you agree or have some other ideas.