Those who were at the racer meeting got a chance to meet our newest staff member.  Matt James has joined us and will help lead our office regime.  Matt comes to us with past experience in dealing with customers on a retail basis as well as past service in drivers education training.  Matt will be available to solve your needs as we approach the time we staff the office daily.  Call Matt, or better yet, stop by for a visit.



Thank you to ALL that attended and an even bigger thank you to those who contributed to the agenda so we could ALL consider the important points.

PRO RACE IDEAS  —-  There was concern about cold temps in early April so we will start our 12 race season on April 27.  We will count your best 11 for the season championship.  There will be 2 possible rain dates.  These dates will ONLY be used if some of the original 12 are cancelled.  See schedule for details.  Evening race schedule continues for June, July, August dates.  CLARIFICATION ASKED—As our rules package states, points are given for taking the green flag.  We intend to have small feature winner stickers (helmet size) for feature winners.  Qualifying was discussed at length but we will stay with our 2 heat system of qualifying for the feature.  A weight change for the senior class was entertained but since few were present, it will be reviewed with the entire class early in the season.  We will have 1 race on alternate track (including inter loop) mid season.

FNL — Organized group suggested we stay with the 2 heats (more wheel to wheel) rather than the qualifying sessions.  Weight remains 200, max 50, back part of race group will not get weighed.  Schedule on website.  Oval on even numbered races — count 10 of 12 for season.  Elite karts, as an extra (prac/qual and feature) on big track on nights oval does not run.  Parade lap suggested — will try.  7 of 8 for session.  21 of 24 for season.  We will have winners helmet stickers.

JR HIGH ACADEMY & HIGH SCHOOL ACADEMY — It was suggested we not start this until after memorial day.  If we run 2-7 race sessions, that puts us deep into SEP to finish.  Some questions still exist with this program.  Do we run 5 (like last year) counting all 5, or do we run 7 counting 6?  These academies will run on weekday evenings but NOT on the same night.  Cost will be similar to last year.  Do we run 2 long prac/qual sessions or 2 heat races to set the order for features?  In other words, driver vs driver OR driver vs track.  Do we start the season around first of MAY (like last year)?  Those interested in these programs should give us input so we can finalize in the next few weeks.

UNLIMITED RENTAL RIDES  —  This is a NEW opportunity to pay a monthly fee and choose 1 or 2 days per month for unlimited rides.  Watch for more details on this soon.


Racer meeting AGENDA page 2

Here are some additional thoughts for dialogue on Sun @ 2PM in the showroom.


Stickers/decals for race winners — possibly rather than trophies


Last year we ran 3 5 race sessions with additional rain dates.  This year we are considering 2 sessions of 7 races (counting 6) without rain dates (to reduce schedule confusion).  Wed eve seemed to work well.  Pricing as last year.  We are considering the new format presented for FNL as below.  Junior high students ONLY.

A new format has come to our attention.  This would replace the two heat races with two lengthy prac/qual sessions.  Your best times in these sessions, rather than your finishing position, would grid you for the feature lengthened to 12 laps for nightly points.


We would run a very similar program to JR HIGH (above) for HIGH SCHOOL students.  This would run on a weekday but not both on the same day.


This is a season pass, with a monthly cost, that allows UNLIMITED rental driving, on any day we do rentals, for 1 or 2 days per month.  Look for more details in the weeks to come.




Racer meeting AGENDA

Our racer meeting is coming up this Sun @ 2PM in our showroom.  In an effort to let people know items that will be discussed, I am putting some of our thoughts about discussion topics so you can be prepared for a meaningful dialogue.


Avoiding ALL holidays, ALL Cup Karts races, and ALL Rt 66 races leaves us with 14 racedays as follows:  APR 6,13,27 MAY 18 JUN 15,22,29 JUL 20 AUG 3,10,24 SEP 7,14,28.  Our thoughts at this point are: Run 12, Count 11, 2 Rain dates, evening schedule for JUN, JUL, AUG.  It has been suggested IF we run alternate track, we establish track records for that as well.

FRIDAY NIGHT LEAGUE —– Sponsored by G&I Electric

Session 1 schedule:  MAR 29 APR 5,12,26 MAY 3,10,17,31

Session 2 schedule JUN 7,14,21,28 JUL 12,19,26 AUG 2

Session 3 schedule  AUG 9,16,23 SEP 6,13,20,27 OCT 4

Our thoughts:  Count 7 of 8/session, Count 21 of 24 for season, Rainouts double next night, Oval on even numbered nights for 12 races, counting 10, run Elite karts (as an extra) on night w/o oval races.

Questions include: weight 190 vs 200, larger parade lap for race starts, alternate track pattern, and possible format change (see below).

A new format has come to our attention.  This would replace the two heat races with two lengthy prac/qual sessions.  Your best times in these sessions, rather than your finishing position, would grid you for the feature lengthened to 12 laps for nightly points.

Watch for another post about JR & SR (new) Academy along with other ideas in a day or two.



CHMS will again hold a racer meeting on Sunday the 10th of Feb at 2:00PM in the track shop.  This is the Sunday between the Super Bowl and the Daytona 500.  I will publish a list of topics that are being considered prior to the meeting so all can consider them before arriving.  Please email ideas for improvements so they can be included on our list.  Ideas for racedays, along with rental karts, leagues (Jr & Sr) and the like will be considered.  If you plan to drive at CHMS in 2019, it will be worth your time to attend and your voice will be heard.


While we have hired a track operator person, we are still looking for someone for the “counter”.  If you have the interest and skillset to answer the phone, explain or market rentals and the like, sell passes and products, discipline to be organized, and an interest in dealing with the public, you may be a good candidate for our job.  We are looking for a full time person or some part-time people.  Call the shop phone to schedule an interview.


Jim Johnson has joined us as a new track operator.  Jim comes to us with a background in operating his own auto repair facility.  Jim will be available to help you with kart rentals and other karting needs.  Stop by or call to meet him or better yet plan to meet him at the racer meeting in February.  Jim will be operating his business part time at the track as well.  Call him to schedule auto repair work if you like.


We were looking at adding a staff member in 2019 even before Chad/Andrea chose to move out of state.  We are currently shopping for full-time people that want to help us operate the track.  We do rentals every day and races on selected weekend days.  Let us know if you are looking to operate the track with us.  Contact Bill or Les to visit more about the opportunities.