2019 Track Records

We establish track records each year and the new ones are posted on the website under the points racing tab. Congratulations to the five drivers and a special congratulations to Summit Rossiter who also established the overall record in kid karts.


Last raceday we got a general show of hands to endorse future rainouts.  Unless there is substantial input in any other direction, we will adopt the following @ race 8 (Aug 10).

Rainout 1 date of Sep 28 will be a double event.  Rainout date 2 on Oct 12 is a single event for the present but will become a double event if any other rainouts occur.  All other rainouts will be cancelled.


At the last race I asked for thoughts on rainout makeups and here are the results.  All have wanted to double up and most on the rain dates already scheduled.  Doubles later would mean without evening schedule and with cooler temperatures.  Some have suggested a lower lap count.

I plan to proceed with a discussion at next race (Aug 3) and if approved, give a one race timespan for negative reasoning, and then adopt the following:

Rain date 1 (Sep 28) would already be a double since we have had 3 rainouts.  Rain date 2 (Oct 12) is now a single race but would become a double race if we have another rainout.  Rainouts beyond 4 would be dropped.



Bill has decided to depart from CHMS.  This was an abrupt move and leaves an opportunity for someone else to help make racing karts enjoyable.  If you have the skill to meet people, visit with them about a racing future, and help them plan their next racing adventure, then we may have a great opportunity for you.  Our job includes marketing rentals, sharing competition challenges, and officiating rentals and racedays.

If you have the skill set and the desire, call us to set up an interview for either part-time or full-time work.


We will be holding our next endurance event on August 11 (Sunday).  This event will be the “dice and coin format” style and is usually done by a single driver BUT if someone elected to do a team event, that could be done.  You may check on the format under the format endurance tab and also confirm the timeline under the next race tab but the highlights are as follows:

  • Race is 3 – 20 min sessions w/kart swaps at breaks
  • Driver ballast to 200#
  • 9AM sign in followed by practice, drivers meeting, and race
  • Cost is $120 per entry ($150 after Aug 4)

Call us to confirm your spot.  We are considering a 3 hour team race in Sept (less chance of hot weather) so look for a post and start forming your team.


The Masters class intends to remember their fallen comrade Randy Howe by honoring him in our points race 6.  The “Masters group” has secured special trophies for this event for the Masters LO206 class.  Randy raced with us last year and we have a few of the previously created stickers left.  Stop by the showroom if you would like one.