We have determined, especially with yesterdays federal proclamation, that we will NOT run FNL race 2 or Points race 1 this weekend. At this time, we intend to treat them as “rainouts” and run at a later date.  This will activate our first raindate for Points races.

FYI — At the Feb meeting, speedhive was discussed.  We have downloaded the new software from Mylaps and believe it should work on racedays.  Let us know when we run our first event.

Watch for weekly updates as our world evolves.


While guidelines and data changes daily, it is a viable concern.  CHMS does not want to panic and overreact in making smart choices on how we can best proceed.

At this point, we do NOT plan on wholesale cancelling of events.  We will deal with this on a weekly basis and analyze our best choices.  Our policy, in the past, was to look at current data and make a choice.  We have not cancelled, days in advance, due to weather, simply because rain was forecast for the event day.

We WILL continue our “winter” shop outlook for the present time.  This means we will NOT be staffing the shop each day, but WILL be answering the shop phone during our “normal” business hours of 10-sunset.  We will do our best to try and accommodate your requests, whatever they are.  Best advice is to call us before arriving at a closed shop.

At this time, our intent is to postpone events, rather than cancelling, and hoping to be able to run them at a later date.  We will use our rainout philosophy as our guide.

We will be “postponing” our FNL race 1 scheduled for Mar 27 at this time.

Stay tuned for future posts, regarding scheduled events, days (not weeks) before event dates.


We are finding that, on occasion, wristbands are not worn or in some cases even purchased.  This becomes an even larger problem when we host another series as we do not control the event but are responsible for any infractions.  We need to control our liability and to do that, we must comply with insurance regulations.  In the future we will be careful to make sure racers have signed the correct sheets and have the correct wristband.  WE INTEND TO PLACE WRISTBANDS ON YOUR WRIST FOR YOU.  Our new policy, that will be posted is:


We are finding it necessary to institute a new enforcement policy for wristbands.  Those who have been following the rules to sign for a daily wristband to access the grid or racetrack, or premises on racedays, will not see ANY change in procedure or enforcement.

Wristbands are called wristbands because they are to be worn on your wrist.  This is where they are expected to be.  Each wristband has a specific number that is recorded at the time of sign in which corresponds with the person signing in.  Transferring them to a different person (by accident or intentionally) complicates matters when a claim is necessary.

Our enforcement policy will be to disqualify (DQ) you from the next event you are scheduled for.  These infractions will be treated as Sportsmanship DQ’s.

The racer or their guardian will be responsible for everyone in their group and we will hold the entire group or parties accountable.



Racers, series promoters, and tracks have dealt with these problems for some time now.  A recent post by EKN caught my attention.  Like a lot of posts these days, there were numerous comments and also, typically, lots of these comments were VERY lengthy and were composed of VERY little value.  There was, however, a theme that caught my attention.  This theme was that a great deal of racers have no connections or knowledge of how to dispose of tires, fuel cans, used oil and the like and thus sneak them into garbage cans,  dumpsters, or just leave them behind at tracks.  I believe tracks need to take leadership in accommodating racers with their problems as they want to sell the new items that eventually need discarding.

CHMS has taken an active role in disposal in the past but in light of the above paragraph, will be posting our NEW for 2020 enhanced program guidelines.  These will be posted on site as well as on the website.

  1. Tires will be taken at the shop for $1.50 each
  2. Fuel cans, brought to the shop, will be taken for FREE
  3. Used oil, brought to the shop, will be taken for FREE

We want to make it convenient for racers to rid themselves of unwanted items.  We will be expecting cooperation and want to focus our policing efforts on those who do not comply.




At the racer meeting, it was determined that race 6&7 would follow a different format.  Our normal procedure, using finishing results from the 2 heat races to qualify for starting position in the feature, will be replaced with:

  1. Heat 1 will be changed to a timed qualifying group session.  Any laps completed between the green and the checkered will be used to determine your best time.  This best time order will be used as the starting grid lineup for the next race.  ANY contact with another kart during this will result in disqualification.
  2. Heat 2 will be the usual 6 lap event with the finishing order becoming the starting lineup for the feature.
  3. Feature will be the usual 12 lap event.

Season points will be awarded to heat 1, heat 2, and feature in the same manner to maintain consistency.


For some time, we have rented tires to those racers that race with us on occasion and do not wish to purchase a set of MGIR spec tires.  This concept has generated interest in getting multiple sets of new tires each year.  CHMS has decided to experiment this year by offering the following season tire contract for our points race season:

  1. Cost is $150 for the base plus $50 for each change.  This is a season contract so the number of changes will need to be determined when purchasing.
  2. Changes are scheduled by the racer
  3. Contract is per racer NOT a multiple racer group
  4. Tires returned must be the same ones issued
  5. Damaged tires beyond “normal” wear will be chargeable
  6. MGIR tires —  Any size
  7. Serviceable used set must be turned in at the start or end of the year

We have received a new shipment of tires and are ready to sell contracts.  We have developed this contract in response to racer interest.


As spring approaches, we will be open full time.  We are using a guideline of 50+ degrees, on a regular basis, as our current choice.

  1. We are ALWAYS available by phone for “appointments”
  2. We WILL BE OPEN this Sunday (forecast 60+) at noon for practice/rentals
  3. DST starts this Sun
  4. Remember certificates expire Mar 15

Join us or call us (we have replaced our failed phone system).


This post is intended to address the “new” Jr & Sr Leagues.  We have had programs for the students before but this year we are changing the program to accommodate some suggestions.  Check out the details on the League tab but here are some highlights:

  1. You do NOT have to sign up for the whole session
  2. Pricing for the Session is similar to last year/race
  3. NO MINIMUM AGE — only maximum age
  4. Sr will use premium karts — Drivers ballast to 180
  5. 8 race/week sessions
  6. Season awards at Banquet