August Special

August Special



This post is intended to cover the expected timeline which had caused some previous concerns.  We should be able to adhere to our regular timeline pretty closely without much change from a normal class addition.

Yamaha shootout entries will be on the track up to 8 times rather than the 6 times for regular classes.  So…………they will be the first on the practice list for 3 rounds and following the last practice will qualify the first round.  The rear 1/3 of the field will be set in this session.  Their second and third qualifying rounds will be at the start of our heat race sessions.  The second round will set the middle 1/3 of the field while the last session will set the pole.  Their prefinal will be the first of the features and their final will be the last of the features.

Hopefully this will clarify our intent to have a smoothly run event.


Yamaha ShootOut Pricing

#2ndAnnualYamahaShootout update!!
This year pricing will be a little different but still just about as economical as a big money race can get!
Stand alone pricing:
Entry = $140
HZi = $210
HZ = $160
Fuel = $60

Combo packages:
Entry/HZi = $350
Entry/HZi/Fuel = $400
Entry/HZ/= $300
Entry/HZ/Fuel = $350
Once again pit space is FREE and on a first come first served basis.
The biggest change this year is the addition of a guaranteed purse!!! $40 of every entry will go directly to purse! We’d like to see more guys take home cash, so based on field size, we’re hoping to make sure the top half receive something!


Yamaha ShootOut Tire Update

Yamaha Shootout update:
Tires: Tire Rule Change
After careful consideration and keeping in touch with several drivers that have had legitimate concerns, we will be allowing you to run any HZ or HZi MGTire, from any supplier, for the shootout!
Our main concern for wanting to including tires with entry is keeping as level of a playing field as possible. If we can assure our drivers their tires have come from the same batch, we can curb any doubt of the “perfect set” winning the race. However the pushback has been enough for us to change our thinking for this race.
So please, spread the word to anyone who might have been discouraged from a set mandatory with entry and let’s see 30 yamaha next Saturday night!!


Junior High Summer Racing Academy

The next 5-race series for our Junior High Summer Racing Academy will kick off Wednesday, August 15 at 6pm, and continue through September 26. (Including 2 if-needed rain dates)

Each race day consists of a 5-min warmup, 2-6 lap heats, and a 10-lap feature. Points are awarded to each driver for the feature finishing position and accumulated throughout the 5 races to determine our overall champion.

5-race entry $200 (includes required $10 driver’s pass)
5-race kart insurance $50 (optional additional kart coverage)
5 race-day practice sessions $100 (1 session per race day)

Please share! Let’s get Jr High students started early learning kart control, competitive sportsmanship, and driving etiquette even before they hit the real streets!

JRSRA flyer3

Jr High Racing Academy Champion’s Celebration

Thank you to Bus Stop Kitchen for the delicious pizza!!


Thank you to Mecum Auctions for celebrating with us!


We have, for the last few years, offered a victory lap with the checkered flag to the winner of the feature event.  During the last race event, one of the victory lap drivers got the flag tangled in their rear axle, while on the parade lap, and destroyed the flag.  While only the flag was damaged this time, we are concerned for the safety of the driver if they were to get themselves caught as well.

We will be discontinuing the flag victory lap until we, or someone, can determine a way to get this lap done safely.  We still plan to continue with the podium pictures for the winners.  Please contact us if you can offer a solution

Route 66 Sprint Series Pit Space Reservations

Pit spaces and GARAGES (new for 2018) are now available for reservation for the August 17-19 Route 66 Sprint Series race here at CHMS.

Payment is needed to reserve your space.

Be sure to check the map and reservation spreadsheet guide, or under the Track Map tab on the website, to find pit sizes, electric spots, and other racers!

Call Andrea to reserve your spot!  815-496-2467