NEW KA100 Class Addition

CHMS would like to offer the KA100 class in 2023. Some showed interest last year and we had a few show up but we never had a steady class on race days. In order to “guarantee” we have a class for others to build on, we would like to have 5, or more, sign up for a season pass. To encourage this, we will discount the season pass race entry fee to $600 for all 13 races. This price will be in effect until Jan 31. Sign up now to reserve your number.

AEM has graciously agreed to support the start of this class by offering to pay half of this $600 for those that work with them. Contact AEM for details and then sign up with us at half rate.

Class guidelines are MGSH tire and 360# to try and fall in line with others in the area.

If you sign up, and the class does not mature, CHMS will offer you a refund.



We were asked to consider some items and here are the results. Thanks for council input.

First — Masters weight will remain 390 – It was asked that we raise Masters class weight but, “after further review”, we will remain as before in 2023.

Second — CIK bodywork ONLY – This was also a request and since most every track and series complies with CIK, and we have discussed it in years past, we will implement that in 2023.

Stay tuned for more issue updates as they develop.


The drivers council has been busy and now has developed the 2023 schedule. Several inputs were considered and here is the result. I think you will like it.

We were able to arrange a 13 race season avoiding Holidays, CKNA events, & RT66 events. We have scheduled NO double events and NO alternate track configurations with evening schedule in Jun, Jul, Aug. We will count your best 11 for a champion.

Dates: Apr 15, 29, May 6, Jun 3, 10, 24, Jul 15, 29, Aug 5, 19, 26, Sep 16, 23, with Oct 7, 14 used ONLY if we have rainouts in the first 13 dates.

This will be posted on the website but you now have an early picture of the outlook for 2023. Stay tuned for more details as they develop.


In an effort to improve communication between drivers and the track, we have decided to take a page from the NASCAR playbook and start a formal committee to communicate with the goal of trying to solve problems. Brandon Norris, Randy Raridon, and Jeff Lohmar will represent the drivers group while Les Finke, Diann Finke and Jim Johnson will represent the CHMS track. The plan is to have closed door discussions about issues and contemplate solutions. Minutes from these meetings will be published identifying the best solution we can collectively come up with. If you feel you have an issue that is important to be considered, feel free to contact any one of the six people listed above. We are intending to to have a season with more understanding and less drama in 2023.

Stay tuned as our first order of business in the next days is to develop the 2023 schedule.

2022-2023 Winter Schedule

We are starting our winter hours this week. Moving forward please call to confirm a time to come out to the track with respect to normal business hours. We would like to thank everyone for another successful race season. If we don’t see you before the year’s end, we wish everyone a happy, merry and safe holiday season and we’ll see you in 2023!

We will be closed Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve, and Christmas Day. We will also be closed on Sundays through the Winter.


I was getting ready to post a tentative schedule for next year when Randy forwarded a survey which Randy had run on FB. The top item on the poll was having a flagman in the flag stand (in addition to the corner lights). I phoned Randy and asked if he knew who any of the 26 who voted were and were all racers at CHMS. He did not know. Next I asked if they were talking about white/checkered (which has been mentioned in an email) or the green as well. He was not sure. I then asked if he thought that would stop the complaining and he stated that complaining would probably continue but change to something else.

At the banquet, which was attended by less than 50% of racers we were going to give awards, I suggested that I was concerned about trying to have an in person meeting because:

  1. You have to SHOW UP – not everyone comes and some only with a personal agenda
  2. You have to SPEAK UP – this has to be civil and not just the loudest person protesting
  3. You have to COMPROMISE – decisions need to be for the betterment of the group/sport
  4. You have to be PREPARED – ideas presented need to be thoroughly thought about

I asked for ideas to be emailed at drivers meetings and THANK YOU to those who have sent things in. I have received nothing since banquet. Most series/clubs are run by a select group (board) which decides things, sometimes with input from others outside of the core group. Typically, the greatest majority of complainers have no experience or a logical solution to present. Does anybody wish to volunteer to flag?

If you have read this far, I will calm down from this ranting and get back to productive items soon.


2022 Final Points Standings

Congratulations to our 2022 final points standings! Points have been finalized in accordance with our rule book counting everyone’s best 11 races out of the 13 races that were run this season:

1st- Max Krause
2nd- Ryan Naughton
3rd- Giovanni Vazquez

1st- Logan Wackerlin
2nd- Joseph Bolen
3rd- Laryssa Markham
4th- Tommy Boyce
5th- Logan Polarek
6th- Miles Fodrey
7th- Luke Norris
8th- Justin Naughton
9th- Brady Travis

1st- Logan Lohmar
2nd- Kyle Lohmar
3rd- Jeremy Mason
4th- Leonardo Rojas
5th- Luke Wackerlin
6th- Wyatt Leslie

1st- Randy Raridon
2nd- Tom Van Eynde
3rd- Mike Gray
4th- Bob Kaminski
5th- Mike Trnka
6th- Rick Rickerson