CLASS                        AGE        WEIGHT     TIRES    GEAR               NOTES


Kid Kart                       5-7               150         Open           NA         WKA rules, no restrictor

Yamaha Rookie            7-12              225          MG SH      11/73      WA55b carb, RLV YBX exh

Yamaha Sportsman       8-12             255          MG SH      11/73      WA55b carb, RLV SSX exh

Yamaha Junior              12-15            310         MG SM     11/79      RLV SSX exhaust

Yamaha Senior              15+              360         MG SM                    RLV SSX exhaust

TAG                              15+              WKA       MG SM       11/82     WKA rules and weights  

TAG MASTERS                35+             WKA       MG SM                     WKA rules and weights

125cc Shifter                  15+              385        MG   Open                ICC or MOTO engine


4-Cycle Classes

Kid Kart                           5-7                  200                 Open           Sealed Engine, Briggs rules

Briggs LO206 Sportsman   7-12               265               MGRL2     Open chassis(optional short WB), Sealed engine, Briggs rules, green slide

Briggs LO206 Jr.                12-15             320               MGRL2      Open chassis, Sealed engine, Briggs rules, yellow slide

Briggs LO206 Sr.                 15+               375               MGRL2     Open chassis, Sealed engine, Briggs rules

Briggs LO206 Masters          35+             390                MGRL2     Open chassis, sealed engine, Briggs rules

 Fuel will be provided for all LO206 classes on the grid.

Scuff tires may be RENTED (for LO206 classes) for $30/day (including mount on your wheels, or wheel rental)


4 thoughts on “Classes”

  1. Lindsay Forsberg said:

    My 11yo son is interested in getting started with kart racing. He’s only been on karts at K1 speed this far. I’m hoping you all can help us get him started doing some real outdoor racing. Please let me know how we can get started.

    • Rob at the Track said:

      Best advice would to be to simply show up for a rental session. The rental karts here at CHMS are similar to the ones the pros use and are a great introduction to karting.

  2. Rodney McDonald said:

    Do you have rentals for kid carts? I would like to see if my son likes it before investing in cart and all the gear.

    • Rob at the Track said:

      Our Karts are for drivers age 12 and up. Drivers age 5 and up can drive if they have their own kart and the proper safety equipment.

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