CLASS                        AGE                     WEIGHT          TIRES         GEAR                                               NOTES


Kid Kart                        5-7                         150              Open                   NA                                                                 WKA rules, no restrictor

Yamaha Rookie          7-12                       225            MG HZ                11/73                                                             WA55b carb, RLV YBX exhaust

Yamaha Sportsman   8-12                      255             MG HZ                11/73                                                             WA55b carb, RLV SSX exhaust

Yamaha Junior           12-15                      310             MG FZ                 11/79                                                             RLV SSX exhaust

Yamaha Senior            15+                        360             MG FZ
RLV SSX exhaust

TAG                                 15+                        WKA            MG FZ                 11/82                                    WKA rules and weights  

TAG MASTERS            35+                        WKA             MG FZ
 rules and weights

125cc Shifter                15+                      385             MG   Open                                                                                       ICC or MOTO engine


4-Cycle Classes

Kid Kart                           5-7                     200               Open    Sealed Engine, Briggs rules

Briggs LO206 Sportsman 7-12               265               MGIR     Open chassis(optional short WB), Sealed engine, Briggs rules, green slide

Briggs LO206 Jr.                 12-15             320               MGIR     Open chassis, Sealed engine, Briggs rules, yellow slide

Briggs LO206 Sr.                15+                380                 MGIR     Open chassis, Sealed engine, Briggs rules

Briggs LO206 Masters          35+             390                MGIR     Open chassis, sealed engine, Briggs rules

 Fuel will be provided for all LO206 classes on the grid.

New tires may be RENTED for $30/day (including $10 mount on your wheels, or $10 wheel rental)

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