General Rules

Updated 17MAR23

You have to learn the rules of the game, and then you have to play better than anyone else.  – Albert Einstein

  • Concept Haulers Motor Speedway reserves the right to use common sense and spirit of intent in all decisions.
  • Absolutely no driving is allowed in the pits.
  • Wristbands must be worn on wrist at all times w/possible team DQ for any violators
  • Hot grid, pit and race track entrance requires a hot grid wristband, which must be worn on wrist at all times w/sportsmanship team DQ for anyone in your group found in violation
  • Sportsmanship, both on and off the track, is expected from drivers as well as crew.  Loud outbursts or foul language towards staff, or other competitors, will be eligible for sportsmanship DQ.  We intend to promote a family atmosphere.
  • Tech will be per the 2023 WKA Tech Manual, NKA Tech, or Briggs 206 Tech, except as noted.
  • Illegal parts may be confiscated or destroyed.
  • All 2-cycle engines must have an airbox.
  • All 4-cycle engines must have a silencer.
  • Full width rear bumpers are required.
  • Cadet chassis are optional in all Sportsman or Rookie classes.
  • The same set of tires is to be used for heat races, and the feature.
  • Absolutely no tire treatment products are allowed on site, including tires that have been treated.  Violation may result dismissal from the facility.
  • Points races will be run only in dry tire track conditions.
  • In the event of a rain out (complete event), races will be made up on the posted rain dates.
  • In the event of a rain out, in the middle of an event, completed races will be scored normally, incomplete races will be scored as a win for all of those entered.
  • All karts must have a transponder bracket, which are available on site.
  • Transponders are mandatory for scoring purposes.  Rentals are available for the day, or the season.  Lost rentals are the responsibility of the renter.
  • Only feature lap times during points races are considered in establishing track record times.
  • Red flags, over half way,  are considered race end while under half will be restarted
  • Number panels are to have black numbers over white or yellow panels.
  • Numbers are chosen in order of registration.  Reserving a number is possible by purchasing a season pass.  No duplicate numbers in a class allowed.
  • All karts must pass a safety inspection and display a valid 2023 sticker prior to entering the track.
  • Crew members are not allowed on the track for any reason.
  • All drivers are expected to attend the drivers meeting prior to each race.  Crew members are encouraged to attend.
  • Grid vacancies will be filled by rearranging grid to maintain published order.  Starting at the rear may be requested at registration.
  • All competitors will be allowed up to ninety seconds to exit the grid once released.  This rule does not apply once all karts have exited the grid.
  • Classes must run for at least half of the points races be considered for year-end awards and have a total of 38 entries for the year.
  • Trophies are awarded for classes with at least 3 entries.
  • Points are awarded for taking the green flag.
  • Violation of column lines at start may result in three second or ten second penalties.
  • Tech DQ’s and unsportsmanlike conduct DQ’s are not eligible for season points drops.
  • Bump drafting is allowed but you are responsible for ALL results.  Disruptive contact or unwelcome contact is not tolerated.
  • Bump drafting is never allowed in Kids Karts or Rookie classes.
  • Flagrant rule violations may result in loss of points, suspension of races, or removal from property.
  • Proper safety gear must be worn, as specified by WKA or NKA, which specifies 2015 or newer helmets.  Neck braces are encouraged but optional over age 15
  • Drivers under the age of 12 need an SFI approved chest protector
  • No cameras may be fastened to a helmet.
  • Intentionally causing a red flag condition by not removing your kart and driver to a safe place may result in a Sportsman DQ possibly for the rest of the event
  • Any assistance, during a race, will be deemed a DQ (Kid Kart and Sportsman classes excluded)
  • Protest must be written, and accompanied by $100, and given to the Race Director or the Tech Inspector.  Depending on the outcome of the protest, the fee will be awarded to the party winning the protest.

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