Race Format and Times

                                            Day Races:              Evening Races:

Registration opens @:               9:00 AM                     3:00 PM

Practice starts @:                    11:00 AM                    5:00 PM

Practice is 3 rounds each by class in race order

Registration closes @:               12:00 PM                    6:00 PM

Driver’s meeting starts @:         10:30 AM                    4:30 PM

Heat Races:

Points races will include two 6 lap heat races followed by a 12 lap feature event.  Starting order for the first heat race is random, followed by a second heat race with a start order that is inverted from the first heat.  These two heats are actually qualifying events for the feature.  Points for heat races are awarded based on finishing order.  The winner gets 30 points, second place gets 29 points, third gets 28 points, and so on.  After two heat races the points are totaled to assign a starting order for the feature race with highest point values starting in front. Ties are broken by finishing order of the second heat. Feature points are awarded for the finishing order with first place getting 60 points, second getting 58 points, third getting 56 points, and so on.  Feature finishing order determines daily awards.  Season points are a summary of the heats and the feature.


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