Rental / Groups

Original Kart Rental

These karts are unlike the average amusement park karts.  These Italian karts are capable of speeds approaching 50 mph and are evenly matched.  This emphasizes the skills of the driver, creating a truly unique experience.  Kart rental is open to the public*, so come try this half-mile, nationally recognized track with friends.

1st Session:
$10.00 Driver’s Pass
$25.00 for a 15 Minute Session
$10.00 Rental Insurance (optional)
Additional sessions $25.00

Premium Kart Rental

 We are proud to introduce our fleet of premium karts!  These karts have the same Italian chassis, but much larger engines.  Come try these beasts!  They accelerate at amazing speeds and are faster than our originals.  Due to the increased horsepower and speed, we strongly recommend that you gain the skills needed to master these premium karts by first learning in the originals.  These are the karts that will be used in our Friday Night Leagues, so come practice with them now.

1st Session:
$10.00 Driver’s Pass
$30.00 for a 15 Minute Session
$10.00 Rental Insurance (optional)
Additional sessions $30.00

Group Outings

Bring your family, friends, co-workers, or birthday party (five people minimum) for some high-speed racing*.  This event costs $115 per person ($10 of it being optional kart insurance). Your group will enjoy a practice session, followed by two six lap heat races and a twelve lap feature race.   These events will include lap times to ensure accurate results.  The heat races will award points based on finishing order, which determines the start order for the feature race.  Winners of the feature will enjoy unlimited bragging rights amongst the group, until next time…


* Drivers must be able safely apply the brake, have ankle long pants, and closed toe shoes.  Minors must have a guardian present to sign minor’s release.  Helmet, gloves, jacket, and neck brace are provided.  If seated with your hips against the wall, measure from the wall to the bottom of your feet, 36″ or more should be able to fully press the pedals.