Rental Insurance

You will be trusted with a go kart valued at over $8000.  Much like renting a car, you will be asked to accept or deny coverage for damage.  Normal wear and tear is included in your rental, excessive damage is not.  Incidents that are not covered include, but not limited to, collisions with other drivers, poles, fences, or barriers.  Some estimates of parts and labor costs are:

  • Tie rod-bent or broken          $130
  • Spindle-bent or broken         $225
  • Body work                           $220
  • Bumper or nerf bar               $95
  • Steering wheel                     $195
  • Steering shaft                      $95
  • Wheel-bent or broken           $85
  • Axel-bent or broken             $295
  • Tire                                    $55
  • Frame-bent or broken          $1990

Insurance provides $500 coverage per $10 fee (once per day or per claim)

As always, calm courteous driving results in NO EXTRA CHARGES