This is the long awaited announcement people have been waiting for.  I started this thought well over a year ago with the idea of creating a rental kart, to run on the big track, and have the speed of SR206 or greater.  Decisions included; what chassis, what power plant, how much HP,  how much torque, gear ratio, which tire, what clutch, and pricing which is affected by a combination of first cost plus maintenance.

These karts will NOT be available for unscheduled practice sessions, like the existing fleets.  Practice sessions, called coaching sessions, can be scheduled most days rental karts are available and are required by ALL who wish to drive these in competition events.  You must PASS a coaching session to be put on the eligible to drive elite kart list.  In order to pass, you must first demonstrate you respect the course by staying on the track, second, be able to run a competitive lap to ensure speed, and third, be responsible for up to $8000 crash damage.

These karts are not intended for everyone and our premium fleet will be geared for use on the big track, at a slower pace, to also run (scored separately) during some endurance events.  Look for more details in future posts or attend the racer meeting Feb 11 to voice questions.



Our rental kart pricing has been unchanged for quite some time.  We are adopting a much needed change in our philosophy of how we handle rental kart usage.  Falling in line with our competition karting pricing, where we have a driver pass (wristband) charge plus a class entry fee, we will now have a driver pass (wristband) charge plus rental kart fee.  Driver season passes have been and will be available again but this year we are making official our Season Pass Perks!  In 2018 this same driver season pass will cover not only your own kart practice but also a driver pass (wristband) required for ANY rental kart usage as well.
Season driver passes will cost $400 (unchanged) and cover the $35/day (unchanged) pass to use your own kart as well as the $10/day (new) rental drivers pass required for practice sessions, leagues, and endurance events.  Daily rental kart passes will be available for $10 each.  Rental insurance and kart usage pricing will remain unchanged from 2017, $25/$30 for practice sessions, $55 for League, endurance varies with race format.  Attend the racer meeting on Feb 11 for a more in-depth discussion.



Once again we will have our racer meeting on Sun Feb 11 @ 2PM in the track shop.  This is a meeting where we try to identify any thoughts or ideas to make 2018 better.  This includes competition raceday ideas as well as all rental karts thoughts.  If you plan on driving at CHMS in 2018, this meeting is probably worth your time.  We will post tentative schedules for consideration prior to the meeting.  If you have an idea to improve 2018, please email it to us so we can publicize it for others to consider before arriving.  See you on the Sun after the Superbowl and before the Daytona 500.


With the cold weather now here, we are now CLOSED on Sundays, and available by APPOINTMENT ONLY  the remainder of the week.  We will always answer your calls, but we will no longer staff the office full time.  Please call us at 815-496-2467 for appointments.  Have a safe and wonderful holiday season!

Briggs & Stratton Weekly Racing Series


We have received the awards for the Briggs & Stratton Weekly Racing Series!  CONGRATULATIONS to each of our participants!

Points collected at our races here are sent in, tallied, and combined with the rest of the Briggs racers throughout the country and Canada.

Jacob Bolen, Josh Fiene, Miles Doherty, Logan Lohmar, and Logan Smith all finished near the top!!  Your awards are waiting for you at the track!