We are finally scheduling our next endurance race.  After the earlier 3 hour team race, we will next offer a 1 hour “iron-man” format.  This format has one green flag and one checkered flag  with no mandatory pit stops.  Pit stops, driver changes, etc WILL be allowed but NOT dictated or timed.  You can make this a single driver or a team event.

Date: Sunday July 14, 2019

Time: 9:30AM signup, 10AM practice (optional), 10:30 Race start

Cost:  $120/entry (includes driver pass & ins for all drivers) — $150 after July 7

Practice:  $20 (optional)

Driver ballast to 200#, Concept Cash prizes commensurate with entries


We will not be having FNL this week.  It was suggested, and adopted, that we should delay this next FNL in favor of NASCAR being in town.  This means we have a bye week, followed by a holiday vacation week, and will “make up” the bye week with a double schedule on the 12th.  This is the same as if it rained out logic.

Thanks to the group for working this out and see you on the 12th for a REALLY good time.


Once again we are looking for help on racedays in registration.  Our regular person has had some changes to work hours and will be unable to help us in the future.  We are looking for someone who can help us sell wristbands while we are helping people sign up for classes.

Call us to visit about how you could help out on racedays.


WOW we have had 3 races in a row rained out.  That is probably some sort of record and I know it is a first for CHMS.  Having it be the first 3 of the season is even more rare.  Let’s hope this week goes better.

We are excited to show you our new corner lights in action.  Not many places in America have something like this.  Also we now have our lights for white and checkered in operation as well.  Come join us to see these in action.


We would like to congratulate Myles and Gavin for their efforts in our first session in 2019.  Since Myles has graduated 8th grade, he will be moving to High School for the upcoming session.  Come and challenge him.

We already have some signed up for each academy which will be starting later in July.  As a bonus to those who sign up PRIOR to July 4, we will be including a free practice session.  Come and polish your skills in the karts you will be driving.