Banquet Reminder


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No More Friday Night races

With the change in weather, and our 2018 racing season officially at an end, we have also decided to end our Friday Night racing for the remainder of the year.

We will continue to be open for public rentals and open practice daily until sunset as long as the weather allows us to be, at least through November.

We thank you for a fantastic 2018 season and look forward to seeing you in 2019!

2018 Banquet Updates

There have been revisions to our trophy list for our 2018 Banquet and Awards Presentation.
Les would like to thank the Masters group for furnishing trophies for the Masters class presentations.
Les would also like to thank G&I Electric for renewing their sponsorship for the Friday Night League through 2019.

Kid Kart
1.  Justin Bolen
2.  Evee Saindon

Lo206 Sportsman
1.  Joseph Bolen
2.  Joshua Bolen
3.  Mary Badgley
4.  Logan Nealis

Lo206 Junior
1.  Jacob Bolen
2.  Kyle Lohmar
3.  Logan Lohmar
4.  Colin Ryan
5.  Peyton Polarek
6.  Jeremy Mason
7.  Johnnie Brown

Lo206 Senior
1.  Chris Gray
2.  Chris Rossiter
3.  Kyle Callahan
4.  Cody Jones
5.  Dan Seaman
6.  Corey Domenick

Lo206 Masters
1.  Mike Gray
2.  Tom Van Eynde
3.  Bob Kaminski
4.  Randy Raridon
5.  Randy Howe
6.  Amy Bolen
7.  Chad Saindon
8.  James Evans
9.  Jay Badgley
10.  Sam Auster

RentalFriday Night League Session 1
1. James Recendez
2. Matthew Hartsell
3. Matt Hill
4. Mark Meucci
5. Cullen Winebar

Friday Night League Session 2
1. James Recendez
2. Matthew Hartsell
3. Matt Hill
4. Eric Hensley
5. Tom Meyers

Friday Night League Session 3
1. James Recendez
2. Matthew Hartsell
3. Matt Hill
4. Andrew Szuch
5. Eric Hensley

Friday Night Leauge Overall
1. James Recendez
2. Matthew Hartsell
3. Matt Hill
4. Eric Hensley
5. Mike Evans
6. Jared Lapierre
7. Mark Meucci
8. Larry Drummond

Oval League
1. Matthew Hartsell
2. Devin Lamar
3. Eric Hensley
4. Mike Evans
5. Mark Meucci




A little over a week ago we held a meeting with some kid kart parents to explain our rules package and it’s application to some issues.  We knew at the onset of the meeting it was VERY likely that not all attending would leave happy.   We were threatened with law suits and accused of playing favorites and even questioned whether we had been bribed.  PART of the meeting was SECRETLY recorded and published on social media with the intent to show how poor our judgment was.  Some of the post comments have caused us to ponder other questions.  We have determined that a kid kart driver’s age was falsified earlier in the year.  Fortunately, no events occurred during that time period that caused an insurance claim or we would have seen how such an intentionally legal misrepresentation would effect coverage.

CHMS operates under WKA rules.  WKA rules clearly state that an attained age of 5 is the minimum for the Kid Kart class.

In an effort to provide fairness, we will be deducting any points earned before the age of five.


We were asked earlier about running two different karts w/drivers as one entry in our 100 lap race.  We received some feedback on social media and also verbally.  The concern of most is that starting with a fresh kart mid race is an advantage over using one machine.  I was reminded of a race a few years back where a kart had a brake problem and lost several laps fixing it.  Another kart in the same class had a sprocket issue causing lap loss.  At the checkered flag, both were on the front straight racing for the class win.  It seems others in the class had issues as well.

We will limit one kart to each entry.  You may have one or more drivers per entry.  Thanks for the input.