Due to the fact that we are doubling up races on June 3 to make up race #4 (April 29), our race day schedule has changed. 

Last year, when we doubled up races due to rain, combining the start times of the day races and evening races seemed to work well.  We will continue this again this year.  Please be prepared to discuss possible adjustments at the drivers meeting.

Your pit pass and transponder rental will be good for all day but you will need to enter both races to receive points. 

12:00 Reg open

1:30 Practice

3:30 Drivers meeting

4:00 Races start with makeup race after regular race

Block Party Update


Join us Saturday, May 27th, for our Block Party!  We will offer $10 off rentals and practice, and $5 off hot grid passes.

Bring friends and family and your appetite!  BBQ cookout at 6:30pm!  Bring a dish to pass and share!  Alcohol is allowed, but ONLY AFTER you have taken your last checkered flag.

Bills Buffet shot.JPG

Any takers for Bill’s Buffet Masters yet?!  Weight UP to 250 lbs and see who’s faster!  Either 1 on 1 or as a group!  Can anyone beat Bill?!

Have another fun race idea?  Let’s hear them!  Give us your ideas!


We have been asked to clarify the use of radios at our events.  Endurance events, with our rental fleet, (see our endurance page) will allow them but WKA rules specifically exclude them from use during a points race using your own kart.