We would like to congratulate Myles and Gavin for their efforts in our first session in 2019.  Since Myles has graduated 8th grade, he will be moving to High School for the upcoming session.  Come and challenge him.

We already have some signed up for each academy which will be starting later in July.  As a bonus to those who sign up PRIOR to July 4, we will be including a free practice session.  Come and polish your skills in the karts you will be driving.



This post is long overdue as a thank you to all who made last weekend great.  SKUSA is reviving the regional series and while the numbers were smaller than desired, the quality of both officiating and competition were present.  Weather leading up to the weekend was “challenging” to get the facility ready but the racing days were blessed with no on-track delays and only a brief intense shower during the “social” hour.  If you missed out this year, check them out and consider joining the fun next time.

Recent Racer Images Posted

CUP KARTS May 4th 2019  Link:


Jr High Racing Academy »May 29th 2019  Link:


Friday Night  League May 31st 2019  Link:


Jr High Racing Academy »June 5th  2019  Link:


Friday Night  League June 6th 2019  Link:


Friday Night  Elite Karts June 6th 2019  Link:



Flying Go Kart


Traveling over the tunnel you can often get images of go karts 1, 2, or 3 wheels off the ground this is an extremely rare  photo with all four wheels off the ground.

Want to Make Big SPLASH in Karting

Limited time only – visit the track after it stops raining and all the water has drained off.


Our first High School Academy starts tonight.  We have had numerous questions but only one commitment.  Plan to be here, signed up, and ready for drivers meeting at 6PM.  Since it seems to rain VERY regularly lately, we will post a weather cancellation at 4PM if that happens.  We have done some testing and are going to ballast to driver weight of 150 for the opening night.

Join us for a reasonably priced ($200 including driver pass in our rental karts) 5 race academy.  Call today to enter to eliminate signup delays.


Thanks to all that contributed to the block party event.  This is several years now we have had this event and each year it seems better.  We were quite pleased with the effort put forth in the driving challenges.  This is a different type of competition and allows for some camaraderie as well.  The “206” challenge along with the “rental” challenge worked well and gave drivers too small for the rental karts a chance to compete.

Let us know if you have other “funday” ideas.