2022 BLOCK PARTY – May 28

Join us for a day of fun and socializing. We have no special theme this year so invent one and come. We will have open practice from 10-1ish for the reduced price of $25. At 1PM we will start our “precision” driving challenge. This is a moderate speed event with emphasis on accuracy around different courses and then combining your times to select a winner. You will get 2 attempts at each course if you choose. Because this is moderate speed in our rental kart, even those without racing experience stand a good chance of winning. Entry fee is only $10 with 5 going into the purse divided among the best. We will furnish sandwiches at 6PM but please call and let us know a head count so we can order food. Bring your own drinks of choice and a dish to pass if you would like. Socialize with your friends, or make new ones, after eating. Let us know you are attending and see you Sat.

CKNA Jun 3-5 event

We will be hosting the CKNA race in June. They are handling the class entry along with the pit space reservations this year. We will be selling the pit pass wristbands. We have some garages available for rent for the race as well. Garages will have a parking spot nearby included with them along with elec (probably not enough for a trailer plug in though) and locked with your padlock. Call to rent a garage or prepurchase wristbands as that will put you in the “fast lane” for wristband pickup. If you would like to “spectate” at this event for free, you must stay on the “71” side of the orange gate until races are over. Come and enjoy watching some serious racing.


Come join in the fun of endurance racing on Sun May 15 at 9AM. Details are on the website but here are some highlights:

  1. 2 Hour total length
  2. 5 Mandatory pit stops (25 seconds each) scheduled by the team
  3. Any number of drivers so build your team
  4. At pit stops you may change drivers, change karts, or change nothing
  5. $300 total cost — no matter how many drivers — Increases to $350 next week
  6. Drivers get pit pass plus kart insurance included
  7. Extra cost practice at 9:15AM — $20 for 10 minutes
  8. Drivers meeting 9:50
  9. Race starts 10AM
  10. Uses our premium kart

Register now to secure you spot. Call shop 815 496 2467 with team name and drivers names to speed up sign in on raceday.


Some of the awaited tires have arrived. The bad news is tire pricing has increased upwards of 9% with freight added in. We will be increasing the prices on todays sales and beyond. We will honor the pricing for those who have purchased tire contracts already but new contracts will see an increase of $10 on the base plus $5 per set. MG has held prices constant for well over 6 years now but the last few years have been a financial challenge for all of us — business and personal.

2022 Enduros

We are bringing back Enduro events for our 2022 season. We have three in mind this year. The first one will be held on May 15th. This will be a two hour event. Details for this event are posted on the “Next Race Timeline” page under the “Endurance Events” tab at the top of the page. Check Facebook and our website for information on future enduro events. We will post when dates are established for the other two events.


Have you ever wanted to sponsor some activity at a very nominal cost? We are in search of someone who would like to sponsor our League programs. We have Jr High League w/17 races, High School League w/17 races, and Friday League w/24 races on the road course and 12 races on the oval as well as 12 races with the Elite karts available. Sponsorship would get you advertising on our website along with name on our trophies and year end awards. This could be a low cost way to get some advertising. Contact us for specific details on how this could work for you.

Premises passes

We can no longer sell premises passes. Insurance rules change, like most things in our era, and after having a poor experience in the pits, the pits and the hot grid are seen as one and the same, by the insurance company. This means that ALL people in your pit area MUST have a hot grid wristband. Some years ago cameras mounted to the helmet were forbidden and this is just another step in the direction of safety.

The GOOD news is that we are allowed to continue with no wristband needed on the “71” side of the orange gate on event days. This gate will remain closed during the event and opened after the last engine is shut off at the scale after the last race of the day. After that gate is opened, no wristbands will be required in the pit area. On practice/rental days, only those entering the hot grid will require wristbands.

Keep in mind that our wristband policy of DQ’ing ALL in your party from the next points event if ANYONE in your party is found w/o a wristband on is still in place. Please police this so we do not have to enforce it. Snow is melting and we look forward to race season.