Tire Contract details for 2022

Tire rental contracts (RL2 for the 206 classes) were popular in 2021. We will continue, with a similar outlook for 2022. This lease contract is available because we use the “scuffs” on our rental fleet. This year we will be giving all, that desire, a copy of the contract so details can be referenced.


We will be offering the same program as before and just, as a refresher, the guidelines are as follows:

  1. Cost is $165 for the base plus $65 for each set desired.  This is a season contract so the number of sets will need to be determined when purchasing. This allows me to guarantee tires are in stock when needed.
  2. Changes are scheduled by the racer and price includes mounting
  3. Contract is per racer NOT a multiple racer group
  4. Tires returned MUST be the same ones issued
  5. Last set MUST be returned at year end (This is a lease) unless a serviceable set of RL2’s is approved for exchange when getting first set
  6. Damaged tires beyond “normal” wear will be chargeable
  7. MGRL2 tires —  Any size — 4.60 or 6.00 are available — or 7.10 (not popular)

As always, if this option does not appeal to you, purchase to own is still available, as well as rental for just one race which allows racers to legally compete w/o having to buy a set. Rentals, using our wheels (metric), or your wheels, for a single race may be “scuffs”, with more than half tread, if we have available.


Well, now that Friday league seems to be decided, it seems like time to set the stage for the Jr High and High School leagues. Jr High max age is 8th grade while max age for High School is 12th grade. Please feel free to comment if you plan to participate this year. We are thinking similar to 2021:

  1. Thursday evenings w/6PM drivers meeting — both leagues — registration before
  2. Jr in original karts while HS in premium karts
  3. Min driver weight at Jr-120 and HS-180 — We can reduce weight IF no driver is that heavy
  4. Format of warmup, 2 heat races, and feature w/points awarded for feature finish
  5. Count 15 of 17 for season championship
  6. Championship to be honored at season banquet
  7. Makeup rainouts the following week
  8. Pricing — BONUS buy 10 get 12 — overall costs same as 2021

Proposed schedule is May 5, 12, 19, 26, June 2, 9, 16, 23, 30, July 7, 14, 21, 28, August 4, 11, 18, 25

Please let us know if you have ideas to make this program better. Also let us know if you know of someone who would like to SPONSOR these events (reasonable cost).

Friday League plans for 2022

Since we treat this just like a race series where you own your kart, we are thinking of a 24 night series, skipping the Fridays of Easter, Memorial day, CKNA hosting, 4th of July, and Labor day and running on Mothers day. We are also thinking the odd numbered events (1, 3, 5, etc) would have the additional Elite class while the even numbered events would have the additional Oval events.

Dates would be: April 1, 8, 22, 29, May 6, 13, 20, June 10, 17, 24, July 8, 15, 22, 29, August 5, 12, 19, 26, September 9, 16, 23, 30, October 7, 14 starting @ 7PM drivers meeting (sign in before).


  1. Continue w/200# driver weight — Max 50# ballast required until a podium finish
  2. Count best 21 of 24 races for season champ
  3. Count 10 of 12 Elite races — or 11 of 12
  4. Count 10 of 12 Oval races — or 11 of 12
  5. Plan on a price break — Buy 10, get 12
  6. Run Elite Karts in the break between heats and feature
  7. Continue w/format of warmup, 2 heats, Feature — Feature pays points
  8. Make up rainouts the following week
  9. Post rainout call by 4:30PM on race day

If you plan to be part of the Friday League, please comment on issues so we can finalize our plans for 2022. Look for future posts for Jr High and High School Leagues planning.

2022 POINTS RACE update 2

It seems like, after some discussions, that we will adopt the format presented in an earlier post. The remaining unsettled issue is the possibility of an alternate track. CHMS could accomodate either the interloop OR the classic rental pattern.

Using the track, and adding in the interloop, requires no gear change while using the rental “classic” configuration would require a 4.0 ratio rather than a 3.5.

We would like your thoughts on how many, which pattern, and which races. Unless some other point comes up, we are ready to finalize 2022 schedule.


We published on website and FB a few weeks ago. We have only a minor amount of racers input to date. Some wanted 14, rather than 13, w/1 earlier in April while 12 races on 10 dates was also suggested however that formula had no rainouts makeup. There was some input on qualifying — we currently use the two heat races for qualifying for the feature grid. We believe this promotes an opportunity for everyone to get a chance at the front row sometime during the season and also helps develop race craft in passing skills. Also 1 drop was entertained.

Since we have little input from MOST of the racers, we are VERY close to publishing our schedule for 2022. See details in an earlier post on website.

Updated Winter Hours

As mentioned in a previous post we are currently in our “Winter Hours.” At the time of this posting, we have run out of days forecasted to be above 45. Moving forward please call the office ahead of time to schedule practice, (815)496-2467. In the meantime, we all at CHMS wish all our racers, renters, and staff a happy Thanksgiving, a Merry Christmas, and a happy and successful New Year! See you in the Spring!

Winter Hours

We have switched to our Winter Hours. This means that days where the forecasted high is LESS than 45 degrees we will not be staffing the Showroom. We will be available by phone as we always are 12 months of the year. Please call during business hours if you have any questions. (815)496-2467


It has been suggested that we develop a schedule earlier than our typical February racer meeting. It has also been suggested we mirror the 2021 format. Avoiding CKNA races, Rt 66 races, holidays etc, left us with 13 races in 2021. Using the same logic we end up with the following dates for 2022.

April 30, May 14, 21, June 11, 25, July 9, 23, 30, August 13, 27, September 10, 17, 24

We have some questions and are looking for feedback before we publish an official schedule.

  1. Is 13 races the right amount? Too few or too many?
  2. How many are evening schedule? History has been Jun/Jul/Aug or Jul/Aug or Aug.
  3. Start times? History is 10AM or 4PM
  4. Rainout makeups? Schedule possible dates? We do not want to run doubles in evening schedule
  5. Rainout calls? We have been posting 2 hours before drivers meeting.
  6. Count your best 11 races for points championship? Should we count more?
  7. Pre-registration? Started w/COVID in 2020 and used in 2021. Seems to speedup signing in. Good or bad idea?

Look for future posts on Jr High, High School, and Friday Oval, Elite, and Road course Leagues along with discussions on any other issues. Give us your thoughts. See you at the Banquet.

2021 League Final Points Positions

In lieu of the rain out last night, Friday Night League points have been finalized. Final placings have been determined utilizing everyone’s best 20 out of 23, 6 out of 8 for Elites, and 9 out of 11 for Oval as per the rule book. We are also including final placings for our Junior and Senior Leagues which wrapped at the end of August. Junior and Senior League placings have been determined based on their best 14 of 16 races ran also per the rule book.

Friday Night League: 1st Mike Evans 2nd Mark Meucci 3rd Jose Sanchez 4th Diego Ochoa 5th Drew Norquist 6th Eric Hensley 7th Larry Drummond

Friday Night Elite League: 1st Mike Evans 2nd Larry Drummond

Friday Night Oval League: 1st Mark Meucci 2nd Mike Evans 3rd Robert Lambert 4th Eric Hensley 5th Larry Drummond

Senior League: 1st Brady Travis

Junior League: 1st Owen Oehler 2nd Mak Regnerus 3rd Miles Fodrey 4th Jeremy Colley 5th Kendra Padilla