VINTAGE KART Class addition

We have been asked to include a vintage kart class in our regular schedule for June 10. This class will be blended into our normal schedule with 3 rounds of practice, 2 6 lap heat races, plus an 8 lap feature which will establish the winner, trophies, bragging rights and the like. John Schutt, a vintage karter, has agreed to supervise CHMS in establishing the class requirements. You may contact us for details but here are some guidelines:

  1. Vintage A Limited Go Kart Class
  2. This is a class for 100cc Flywheel cooled Vintage Go Kart engines with single carb and a dry clutch.
  3. Race would be 2 heats at 6 laps each and an 8 lap feature race added to regular race day.
  4. Engine= 1 2cycle ,100ccmax ,Stock appearing accept any single carb intake manifold with Mac Carb or HL tillotson up to 1″ venturi. Flywheel cooled,made and sold before 1982. Such as McCulloch 91B1 ,Power products AH 58, Westbend 610 and 700,Homelite 92and others that fit that era.
  5. Clutch= any Dry Drum Clutch with shoes like Hortsman,Max torque,Ratech,Noram etc.
  6. Tires off of Vintage Kart Assoc. Vintage list + SL class tires.
  7. Exhaust = pipe or can type or Sportsman Muffler.
  8. Kart= Kart made before 1982 1″ or 1 1/4″ axle
  9. Hydraulic Brakes to follow basic WKA safety inspection!
  10. Helmet jacket shoes as required by track insurance
  11. Cost is $60 entry + $18 pit pass required for all in grid (We do have a free area for spectating) w/10% discount for registering before noon on Friday before event

Join us for some enjoyment on June 10. Raceday schedule available on website but drivers meeting starts the day at 4:30PM.



The bad news is our flagman has resigned due to a personal conflict. The GOOD news is that we have an opportunity for someone to become our flagger. This job has responsibility for controlling the starts of races, observing racers for possible penalties, and waving the white and checkered at race finish, If you are interested, please call us to discuss further. Should you have interest in participating in race days but don’t enjoy flagging, give us a call as well for other chances to be part of our program.

CHMS Block Party

Make plans to join us on May 27 2023 for a fun social event. We currently have plans for a precision driving event, rather than speed, plus some bags competition. We will furnish food later in the day. We are looking for ideas on what else might lead to a good time and also a possible volunteer to operate a grill to cook burgers and the like if you are interested. Look for future posts as we near the date.


As you know, our first race for 2023 is coming up this weeekend. During drivers council discussions, it was made evident that most want rules AND they want them enforced. In an effort to make sure everyone is together, we will be passing out a general rules “package” which is going to be part of our tech sticker certification this year. These items are available on our website, for those wanting to get an early set, but will be given to ALL drivers as part of safety tech inspection. You may want to download and print the checksheet if you wish to be prepared before arrival at the track. We will also have them available at registration and tech onsite. Thanks to the drivers council for a good plan. See you Saturday.

Spring/Summer Hours



We are finally switching to our spring summer hours for the year! The showroom will be staffed 7 days week with the exception of holidays. If the weather is going to be questionable it might still be a good idea to check track conditions.

**Showroom Hours**

Monday through Saturday 10a to Sunset (except for select RACEDAY Saturdays- see event calendar on Website)

Sundays 12p to 6p

Upcoming Holidays we are closed for:

Easter Sunday 4/9

Mother’s Day Sunday 5/14

Memorial Day Monday 5/29


Our drivers council has been visiting about some items since my last post and I need to bring you up to speed on a new change we have agreed on. We plan to experiment w/qualifying at 2 races this year. Heat 1 will be replaced by single kart laps with fastest time being used as the winner. Heat 2 will grid based on Heat 1 finish and be scored with winner completing the most laps in the least time. Feature will grid with Heat 2 results and be scored as usual. We are offering this as a chance for those younger in the sport to experience an event used in regional and national series.

We have chosen May 6, race 3, as well as Aug 5, race 9, to let you experience this. Please plan to join us in this pursuit. Written guidelines for this, and other things, will be given to you when getting your tech sticker. Points for the day will remain consistent with other racedays.

Thanks to the Drivers Council for the deliberations to get to this decision.

2023 Raceday Pricing

Last year we had two levels of pricing for our raceday entries and wristbands. If you pre-registered and paid prior to Friday noon, you were eligible for the lower price. This year we will have only one price schedule BUT we will offer a 10% discount for those who pre-register before Fri noon prior to the event. You may register by phone or in person.

Pre-registering saves quite a bit of time when checking in on racedays since we already have entered you in a class. The wristbands you preordered will have a name on them and be ready for quick pickup. We will have the release form already filled out with printed name and wristband number and will only require your signature. While you still have to stop at registration, this saves much effort and reduces time spent there. As always, if you choose to wait until raceday, we will still accommodate your needs. In the case of a cancelled event, all monies will be transferred to your next visit.

One last reminder is that the certificates given out at the banquet expire on Mar 15 so please use them prior to that.

Drivers Council updates

A drivers council was formed last fall, after the banquet, to improve communications between the track and racers. This is not new news but members are Brandon Norris, Jeff Lohmar, Randy Raridon, Jim Johnson, Diann Finke, and Les Finke. This group is focusing on improving the CHMS racing experience. Most notable accomplishments to date are minor rules changes with much consideration for the 2023 schedule. This was published on the website in December.

Most recently we have met in person and I want to publish some resolutions which evolved through discussion.

  1. All council members agreed that we would like to have more racers participate in our “club”. This could include larger classes, or addition of classes. Karting seems to be a well-kept secret in America, and we would like to market the sport and the fun we enjoy. Past ideas were reviewed and word of mouth is still an important factor.
  2. Council members will be advisory, during race events, but will not be required to be involved in staff decisions.
  3. Council members will have the authority to issue half price crew passes to those new to the sport who wish to “shadow” a racer to learn about the sport.
  4. Randy, Jeff, and Brandon intend to lead the organization of a cookout to improve the social aspect of racers. This will be discussed at drivers meeting but if you have ideas, please contribute them to a council member.
  5. We would like to see sportsmanship improved both on and off the track. It was pointed out that possibly not all know the rules and expectations of the track. In 2023, when you request a tech sticker, you will be given some printed information which is intended to explain track guidelines.
  6. We intend to hire a flagman (we currently have a commitment from a person w/racing experience) to control starts and make race calls. We will continue to use the corner lights and cameras.

This post is intended to announce the agreed on ideas for 2023. Should you want other ideas considered, feel free to contact any council member.

Tire Lease Contract for 2023

Once again in 2023, CHMS will offer a tire lease contract. This is an option since the “scuffs” are used in our rental program. We have created a page entry, under points racing tab, for you to review the pricing and terms. We will continue to rent tires, on a per race basis, for those who wish to race with us and do not want to buy a set. As always, if you choose to buy, rather than lease, that is perfectly acceptable.


We are looking to add a person to our staff. Do you have the following skills?

  1. Able to meet and converse with the public both in-person and by phone
  2. Able to listen to requests and explain our programs and opportunities
  3. Politely enforce our guidelines and rules including safety
  4. Willing to be trained in both counter and grid duties

We have a training syllabus for structured training and are willing to train new people.  This could be a part-time, pay per hour, or a full-time, pay per month opportunity.  We are looking for support on 4+ days/week including weekends.  Our normal hours of operation are 10AM to sunset, with slight changes for Sundays and special events.

Call us to set up an interview or with questions.  815-496-2467