CHMS will again hold a racer meeting on Sunday the 10th of Feb at 2:00PM in the track shop.  This is the Sunday between the Super Bowl and the Daytona 500.  I will publish a list of topics that are being considered prior to the meeting so all can consider them before arriving.  Please email ideas for improvements so they can be included on our list.  Ideas for racedays, along with rental karts, leagues (Jr & Sr) and the like will be considered.  If you plan to drive at CHMS in 2019, it will be worth your time to attend and your voice will be heard.



While we have hired a track operator person, we are still looking for someone for the “counter”.  If you have the interest and skillset to answer the phone, explain or market rentals and the like, sell passes and products, discipline to be organized, and an interest in dealing with the public, you may be a good candidate for our job.  We are looking for a full time person or some part-time people.  Call the shop phone to schedule an interview.


Jim Johnson has joined us as a new track operator.  Jim comes to us with a background in operating his own auto repair facility.  Jim will be available to help you with kart rentals and other karting needs.  Stop by or call to meet him or better yet plan to meet him at the racer meeting in February.  Jim will be operating his business part time at the track as well.  Call him to schedule auto repair work if you like.


We were looking at adding a staff member in 2019 even before Chad/Andrea chose to move out of state.  We are currently shopping for full-time people that want to help us operate the track.  We do rentals every day and races on selected weekend days.  Let us know if you are looking to operate the track with us.  Contact Bill or Les to visit more about the opportunities.


Chad and Andrea are moving out of state and will no longer be track operators after Dec 31.  While we are sorry to see them go, we are happy for them in their new venue.  Stop by, or call, to say goodbye.  And yes our small size welcoming party Camdon will be leaving with them.