We have new people out at registration and some of you pre-register and some do not. Our newer staff has not got fully acquainted with everyone at this point. They are trying their best to speed up signing in. We have a request to assist them in doing a thorough job. PLEASE stop and sign in before driving to park. When you drive by without stopping, it disrupts their thoroughness and slows down the system. Thank you for your help in this matter.

Banquet thoughts so far are: input has been that we were VERY lucky with weather last year and we should look to have a banquet inside this year and we agree. Input on food has been that both last years food and years before are both good and we agree. Now that COVID is again becoming an issue, and masks are currently mandated by our Gov, we are not completely sure how that may effect us. Feel free to give us your thoughts as we continue to plan.