A drivers council was formed last fall, after the banquet, to improve communications between the track and racers. This is not new news but members are Brandon Norris, Jeff Lohmar, Randy Raridon, Jim Johnson, Diann Finke, and Les Finke. This group is focusing on improving the CHMS racing experience. Most notable accomplishments to date are minor rules changes with much consideration for the 2023 schedule. This was published on the website in December.

Most recently we have met in person and I want to publish some resolutions which evolved through discussion.

  1. All council members agreed that we would like to have more racers participate in our “club”. This could include larger classes, or addition of classes. Karting seems to be a well-kept secret in America, and we would like to market the sport and the fun we enjoy. Past ideas were reviewed and word of mouth is still an important factor.
  2. Council members will be advisory, during race events, but will not be required to be involved in staff decisions.
  3. Council members will have the authority to issue half price crew passes to those new to the sport who wish to “shadow” a racer to learn about the sport.
  4. Randy, Jeff, and Brandon intend to lead the organization of a cookout to improve the social aspect of racers. This will be discussed at drivers meeting but if you have ideas, please contribute them to a council member.
  5. We would like to see sportsmanship improved both on and off the track. It was pointed out that possibly not all know the rules and expectations of the track. In 2023, when you request a tech sticker, you will be given some printed information which is intended to explain track guidelines.
  6. We intend to hire a flagman (we currently have a commitment from a person w/racing experience) to control starts and make race calls. We will continue to use the corner lights and cameras.

This post is intended to announce the agreed on ideas for 2023. Should you want other ideas considered, feel free to contact any council member.